Thursday, December 14, 2017

Our Guest Room Makeover

                                                                              Hello everyone,

                                                           Last winter my husband and I gave one
                                                           of our guest rooms a makeover and I never
                                                           got around to sharing it until now.
                                                                    So, the first thing we did was strip off
                                                            the toile wallpaper that had been on for several
                                                            years along with a few other layers that were
                                                            underneath....stripping wallpaper is one of my
                                                            least favorite jobs!
                                                                  My husband put the pine board strips on the
                                                            old plaster walls and then we painted them white
                                                            on the bottom and soft grey on the top.

                I bought new curtains at Homesence and
            painted the armour the same soft grey.
                 The pine floors are original to the house,
                 so they are 100 years old. I would like to
                     refinish them this winter but we shall see.

The grey quilt also came from Homesense.

                                                                       The antique dresser was painted
                                                                        and I recovered the thrift store chair
                                                                        in the corner.
     A touch of Christmas on the
         tea tray.

                                                                      This was the room before

                                                   Well, it did make quite a change in the
                                                               room  and maybe updated it.
                                                               Visitors often say it is like stepping
                                                               back in time when they come here
                                                                so I am never sure if I will ever catch
                                                                up!  Ha! Ha!
                                                                                    Thank you for visiting,


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Winter Picnic

          Hello everyone,

We finally got a dusting of snow here
Monday night so I was happy to get
some outdoor shots before it melted
as it rained the next day.

A little winter picnic is always
Hot cocoa on a winter day
is a treat to me.

I found this enamalware pot
at the thrift store and snapped
it up for my winter picnic.

The arbor is decorated for winter
so it is a good backdrop.
A wool plaid throw is my
tablecloth today.

The cement statue is wearing
her winter garland.

                                                I thought you might like a change
                                                          from my indoor Christmas so
                                                          grab a cup of cocoa before you
                                                          go and I will be back tomorrow with
                                                           with some our spare bedroom pics.

                                                             I am honored to have our home featured
                                                             on Anna's beautiful blog Shabby and Charm
                                                             today . I hope you will have time to pop in
                                                             check out all the inspiration!

                                                                I am joining Bernideen's Tea Time for
                                                                 Friends Sharing Tea today so you can
                                                                 also pop in and enjoy tea over there!

                                                                                    Take care,